Moodle MOOC 13 (MM13) took place from November 1 - 30,  2018 on Moodle for Teachers and Moodle for Managers websites. The purpose of the MOOC was to connect educators for instruction and learning, reflective practice, social and collaborative learning, cultural exchange and peace, personal and professional development, community building, best practices and challenges involved in teaching with and without technology, student engagement with the content, peers, and the facilitator, and learning to teach online with Moodle course and learning management system.

You may log in as a guest and view the MOOC but you will not be able to add your input. The next Moodle MOOC (MM14) will take place in May 2019. 

Status: Open

Task: Writing an article

Language: English

A pszichológiai ismeretek gyakorlatban való átültetése, az önismeret növelése a kurzus célja. 

Creating a video-based Moodle admin course.


Status: Open

Task: This Learning Room (Course) is an example solution based on the results of the questionnaire.

This LR is enabling communication among Administrators of SP4CE portal.

Choose favourite tools for your Learning Room (Course).

This is an example course for pgblanka (Gdansk University of Technology) as a teacher.