The situation of immigrants planning to start a new life in Hungary is topic of exceptional importance, and not only in the light of recent political happenings.  We believe that integration needs to be started at an early age as the first years of learning to be well oriented in a new culture are the kingpins of success.

In Hungary there aren’t more, but a handful of organizations and voluntary services that help immigrants, but none of them specifically target kindergartens and kindergarten teachers, which we think is a heavy gap to be filled.

As to address this issue, we wish to turn to countries and cities that cope superbly with a substantially great amount of immigrants.

During our study trip we aim to examine first handedly the good practices and how they function in the everyday lives of immigrant children and teachers in multicultural Kindergartens. Our main purpose is to derive practices and methods that are applicable in Hungary, and then deliver our findings to the appropriate target group in the form of educational workshops, trainings and online (e-learning) materials.

 The research

Our research in the collaborating kindergartens consists of 2 days of participating observation at selected groups and interviews with Kindergarten teachers / Psychologists on the topic of integration, inclusion, best practices and difficulties faced in a multicultural environment. If possible, it would also be beneficial to include the parents of migrant children. All information collected will be treated in strictest confidence and neither the school nor individual learners will be identifiable in any reports that are written.