The project "Spirit of Entrepreneurship" is the partnership in framework of the programme "Erasmus+" - Vocational Education and Training. The partnership consists of six organizations from six different European countries acting in field of education and consulting. The aim of the project is raising awareness about value of creativity and entrepreneurship. In whole EU can be observed strong correlation between level of entrepreneurship and standard of living. Entrepreneurship has particular meaning in the period of economical crisis. Partners in framework of the project will elaborate website containing information about the partnership and the project and interesting materials related to the subject. Partners will also implement research on teaching entrepreneurship, which will be a mainstay for elaboration of the report allowing for comparison of the situation in each partner country and definition of effective methods of teaching entrepreneurship. Moreover the project assumed collection of materials and good practices in range of development of entrepreneurship. Partners will find skills and abilities which are in particular important for being entrepreneur. The final product of the project will be package for entrepreneurs - a guide, which will contain skills and abilities, which have to be developed for achievement of success in field of entrepreneurship.