The project aims at developing a digital tool to promote the improvement of entrepreneurial skills in students studying at agricultural technical colleges. The project focuses on a new education model that improves entrepreneurial skills in the agricultural sector so that technical college students can perceive owning enterprises as a life style and career option.

Entrepreneurial skills are compulsory elements in the curricula of vocational training courses in several member states. They have been selected by the European Union as one of the Lisbon Key Competences for the years to come.   
Likewise the possession of these skills is important to keep and develop the competitiveness in the agricultural sector. From a wider perspective the project also aims to bring positive impact on the participating countries’ unemployment rate in the agricultural sector.

Notwithstanding these facts, due to the interest of the projects’ target group, special motivational tools have to be applied to raise their attention and make them even enthusiastic about these topics.
From 2006, the role of digital game-based learning, a novel approach in education, has been brought into the focus of attention. With the use of this method the partnership works out a digital game based learning platform with enclosed teachers’ handbook.

The curriculum focuses on soft skills such as creativity, decision making, etc. Each training unit is based on one such skill. For each skill, various mini games and a board game are developed. These games are incorporated into a contest between individuals or classes to promote the motivation of students.